BBA program director: Dr. Hayat Khan

BBA Vision
We aim to be the first choice for students who strive to be business leaders.

BBA Mission
The mission of the Bachelor of Business Administration is to develop the intellectual, professional and personal competencies of the students through principled business education and commitment to excellence. The BBA program mission is translated to the following goals:

  • Providing a student-centered environment that is committed to CoB core values of excellence, integrity, gender diversity, transparency, accountability, engagement, collegiality and self-governance,
  • Offering modern curriculum and course delivery using innovative methods to enhance student learning experience.
  • Engaging our students in extracurricular activities blended with work experience in local and international markets.
  • Attracting well-qualified and research-oriented faculty from diverse backgrounds.
  • Support learning activities that focus on the applying business theory to real practices.

In brief, the BBA program offers five concentrations for the students to choose from which are:

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with Concentration in Accounting
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with Concentration in Finance
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with Concentration in Human Resources Management
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with Concentration in Marketing
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with Concentration in Project Management

BBA Degree Requirements (126 hours)

To obtain a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a Concentration, the student must complete a total of 126 credit hours that are distributed as follow:

A. General Education Requirement Courses (44 hours) (GER)
B. Business Core Courses (55 hours) (BCC)
C. Concentration Core Courses (18 hours) (CCC)
D. Business Electives Courses (9 hours) (BEC)

A. General Education Requirement Courses (44 hours)
Course Code Course-Title Credits Pre-Requisite Course Code
ARB 101 Arabic Language I 2 --
ARB 112 Arabic Language II 2 ARB 101
ISL 101 Islamic Studies I 2 --
ISL 112 Islamic Studies II 2 ISL 101
ENG 101 Freshman English I 3 --
ENG 112 Freshman English I 3 ENG 101
The Mathematics and Computing courses (12 credits)
MAT 100 Pre – Calculus 3 --
MAT 111 Business Calculus 3 MAT 100
OPM 211 Business Statistics 3 MAT 111
OPM 101 Introduction to Computing 3 --
The Natural Sciences courses (6 credits)
BIO 103 Introduction to Biology 3 --
CHM 107 Chemistry in the Living Environment 3 --
PHU 101 Astronomy 3 --
PHU 102 Science of Energy and Environment 3 --
The Social Sciences courses (6 credits)
POL 101 Introduction to Political Science 3 --
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology 3 --
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology 3 --
ANT 105 Introduction to Globalization Studies 3 --
HIS 101 Islamic Civilization and Medieval Europe 3 --
ANT 101 Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology 3 --

6 credit hours from any of the following courses:
Any courses offered by the CoSGS but not taken as part of the GER (as listed above).
Any non-business courses offered at the AU.
Non-business courses offered by other accepted educational institutions (pre-approvals by the CoB and SA are required).

B. Business Core Courses (55 hours)

All CoB students must complete the following courses

Course Code Course-Title Credits Pre-Requisite Course Code
ECO 101 Microeconomics 2 --
ECO 102 Macroeconomics 2 ECO 101
ACC 201 Introduction to Financial Accounting 2 ECO 102, MAT 111
ACC 202 Introduction to Management Accounting 2 ACC 201
MKT 201 Principles of Marketing 3 ECO 102
OPM 220 Quantitative Methods for Business 3 MAT 111
OPM 230 Operations Management 3 OPM 220
OPM 320 Management Information Systems 3 MGT 201
MGT 201 Business Communications 3 ENG 112
MGT 210 Business Ethics 3 ISL 112
MGT300 Executive Lecture 3 ACC 202
MGT 301 Business Law 3 MGT 210
MGT 330 Organizational Behavior 3 MGT 201
MGT 490 Strategic Management (capstone) 3 MGT 330 & one of ACC 302,FIN 350, MKT 330, OPM 380
MGT 492 COOP Training Internship 12 one of the following:
ACC 302,FIN 350, MKT 330, OPM 380

C. Concentration Core Courses (18 hours)

Single concentration students, must complete all courses of selected concentration which is 18 credit hours. For double concentration student must complete the18 credit hours of the second concentration where none of these 18 credit hours counted as an elective for the first concentration; see the general notes. Details of concentration core courses are provided in each department section on the next pages.

D. Business Electives Courses (9 hours)
Course Code Course-Title Credits Pre-Requisite Course Code
ECO 310 International Economics 3 ECO 102
ECO 320 Islamic Economic and Finance 3 ECO 102
MKT 320 International Marketing 3 MKT 201
FIN 340 Contemporary Financial Issues 3 FIN 201
FIN 374 Real Estate 3 FIN 201
FIN 376 Entrepreneurial Finance 3 FIN 201
FIN 377 Fixed Income Securities 3 FIN 201
FIN 467 Banking Management 3 FIN 201
FIN 450 Financial Trading Strategies 3 FIN 201
MGT 373 Negotiation 3 MGT 330
MGT 375 Introduction to Entrepreneurship 3 FIN 201
MGT 420 Human Performance Improvement 3 MGT350
ACC 490 Financial Statement Analysis and Equity Valuation 3 ACC 302
ACC 495 Accounting Theory and Contemporary Issues in Accounting 3 ACC 302

The Internship

The Internship Program is designed to the provide College of Business students with practical, on-the-job experience which can contribute to their academic and career development. The internship program is mandatory for all undergraduate students. The duration of the internship program is four (4) months and students can earn twelve (12) credits towards their final degree qualification. It is normally conducted in the seventh semester (one semester before graduation).

Students will gain practical skills and experience to reinforce and expand what they learned in the classroom and increase student's employability in an ever competitive job market. Due to the growing reputation of Alfaisal University, several organizations are approaching the College of Business to send its students to participate in their internship programs, and introduce them for jobs in these organizations. The College of Business has worked with over 100 national and international organizations to hire College of Business student interns.

General Notes about College of Business Degree Requirements

  • A minimum of 126 Credit hours are required to graduate with one concentration.
  • All students must consult their respective advisor/s throughout their full study cycle with due approval at specific milestones.
  • The policies listed in 'CoB Academic Policies' are strictly applied to all study plans and in related management activities; e.g. concentration selection, double concentration, internship, etc.
  • Study plans based on the listed courses are effective for students starting Fall 2013/2014.
  • All courses are 3 credits unless stated otherwise.
  • GER courses must be completed during the first two years (Freshman & Sophomore) with limited spill over. The diagram below presented as example for illustration purposes only.
  • Double Concentration: Students completed 60 credits with cumulative GPA of 3.2, can select two concentrations. These students must complete a minimum of 144 Credits to graduate, which covers 36 credits of the two concentrations, 10 credits as BEC's, plus all required GER and BCC. For more information, please see the double concentration policy.

Department & Programs


Accounting is one of the most rewarding careers in business and the one that offers the most opportunities with the lowest risk. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) describes accounting as "The One Degree with 360 Degrees of Possibilities.

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Human Resource Management

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Operations & Project Management

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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

With the MBA degree, Alfaisal University offers several concentrations designed to meet specific needs of the KSA business community. All of our MBA programs require the same eight core courses plus a minimum of six elective courses.

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Executive Education

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