At Alfaisal University, it is our policy to provide students with high-quality real-world experience through enabling them to apply for and take up extended internship work placements with selected external partner companies. These internship placements allow students to benefit from deploying, displaying, and further developing relevant skills and capabilities required for job success and career advancement within their particular areas of interest and expertise. The internship program is designed to provide business students with practical, on-the-job experiences which can contribute to their academic and career development. Internship can be completed in or out of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The internship is mandatory for all undergraduate students. No own family business or self-business experience counts as an internship. Undergraduate students can start their internship after completing 96 credit hours. The internship must be done during the 7th semester (one semester before graduating). COB undergraduate students must complete 4 months (600 hours) of internship work in equivalent of 9 credits.

Here are the required steps for completing the internship process

  1. Students schedule a meeting with COB Internship Office Manager (IOM) to discuss internship requirements and/or prerequisites. It is advised that this meeting is organized in the spring of the junior year.
  2. Students prepare their CVs and complete the Internship Intent Form. Students submit both required documents, in addition to their transcripts, to the COB IOM.
  3. The IOM will meet with students to discuss their CVs, application forms, and preferred target work companies, and prepare for the completion of the Application/Intent Form.
  4. The IOM will contact companies to place students into internship (Companies must have a total of 50 or more employees).
  5. Students and company work supervisor complete Statement of Objectives (Form A).
  6. Once the forms are received and approved, students will be given a signed permission to start their internship.
  7. Students register for Internship. Bearing in mind that students will register for internship under different codes depending on their concentration (i.e. FIN 499, MKT 499, HRM499, ACC 499, OPM 499).
  8. Each intern will be supervised by a faculty member from the department of his/her concentration who will evaluate progress, visit the intern in the company, and do the grading with the help of the internship office .
  9. A minimum of three interim progress reports are required from students on the tasks performed during the internship. These should summarize attendance and performance. The reports to be submitted to the academic supervisor. Each report should be of no less than 2 pages (Font 11, 1.5 spaces). More progress reports can be mandate by the department.
  10. The academic advisor supervising of the intern students will visit students at their work sites at least once during the semester. The time of the visit must be between the sixth and seventh week. The visit gives students opportunities to discuss with their academic advisors ways to improve their performance on the job.
  11. Upon completion of the work experience, the student intern work supervisor will evaluate the intern's performance using (Form B) and send it directly to COB Internship Office Manager who will keep a record of all forms and send them to the academic supervisor.
  12. Each student intern prepares a final report which summarizes the internship experience and benefits gained. The final report must be submitted within a week from the completion of the internship. Last day of the internship is the last day of instructions in the semester. Students present their final reports to a minimum of 2 faculty members where one of them has to be the academic supervisor. The IOM or assistant might be asked to attend the presentation if required.
  13. Students will receive a Pass or a Fail grade; the grade is reported to the Chair of the department who will then post it on the university grading system or authorize the IOM to post it.
  14. If an intern obtains a Fail grade, then he/she will be required to repeat the internship (perhaps with another company/agency) and may be charged the full tuition of the repeated semester.

Alfaisal University has worked with many national and international organizations to hire College of Business student interns. Organizations that have hired our student interns include:

  • Saudi Arabia Oil Co. (ARAMCO)
  • Saudi Basic Industries Co. (SABIC)
  • KPMG
  • Ernst & Young
  • Saudi American Bank (SAMBA)

Here are some samples of what our students are saying about their internship experience:

"I would describe my experience at KPMG as enlightening, not just in matter of applying what I have learned in class, but even in sense of how to be out there in the real world." Faisal Alshbaily/Student Intern

"Aramco was an appropriate choice for me to complete my internship since I am a project management student. I was assigned to King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and a Research Center Project." Mohaimeed Bagabas/Student Intern

Department & Programs


Accounting is one of the most rewarding careers in business and the one that offers the most opportunities with the lowest risk. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) describes accounting as "The One Degree with 360 Degrees of Possibilities.

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Human Resource Management

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Operations & Project Management

With increasingly competitive businesses environments, corporations are relying on operations and project managers to achieve strategic goals through effective management of innovative solutions.

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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

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Executive Education

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