Administration & Committees


Dr. Bajis M Dodin Ext 7701 Interim Dean, College of Business
Dr. Jan Mietek Smolarski Ext 8956    Director, Graduate Programs
Dr. AbdelMonim Shaltoni Ext 7965 Director, Undergraduate Programs
Dr. Mohammed Kafaji Ext 7711  Director, Accreditation and Quality Assurance
Mr. Mahmood Kazaal Ext 7710 Manager, Internship Program
Mrs. Eiman Binyameen Ext 7810 Manager, Business Administration Programs
Ms. Alanoud Naif Alenizi Ext 8907 Specialist, Graduate Programs (MBA)
Mr. Esam Adel Joudeh Ext 7709 Executive Education Specialist


Graduate Programs Committee It manages all academic issues related to the MBA program: Curriculum, courses and admission rules
Undergraduate Programs Committee Mirror image of the Graduate Committee, but for the Business Administration programs
Appeals Committee It processes all student appeals
Accreditation Committee It handles all matters related to accreditation
Faculty Recruitment Committee It deals with all academic matters of faculty recruitment
Research Committee It deals with seminars and advises the dean on research matters: Quality support and professional development
Community Outreach & Development Committee It deals with website, Facebook, brochures, advertisement and student recruitment

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