Statement of Dean B. Dodin

The region is living a time of unprecedented change, especially in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Successful businesses are those who predict the change and use it to their competitive advantages. College of Business (CoB) located in Riyadh is in the eye of the storm of this change. As CoB mission emphasizes its partnership with the community, it designed programs to produce leaders that recognize the change and capitalize on it. It graduates students with exceptional abilities.
CoB will soon celebrate its tenth anniversary. It admitted its first students in the fall of 2008. It offers two dynamic academic programs: MBA with three tracks: Generic, Finance and Healthcare Management; and an undergraduate business administration program grounded in liberal arts education with five concentrations: Accounting, Finance, Human Resources Management, Marketing, and Operations and Project Management. CoB also offers an active Executive Education program. It provides various opportunities to the business community and government agencies to enhance their managerial skills and professional expertise. CoB is the home of the Corporate Governance Research Center; the center plays an important role in sustaining good economic growth. I invite you to visit CoB website and explore its programs and faculty.
The college’s pioneering curriculum and its diverse and research active faculty are attracting the best and the brightest students in the Kingdom. The students are trained to manage change and growth in the public and private organizations through business analytics, information technology and collaborative execution. In-class and internship experiences with real-world business problems it gives students the edge needed to help companies compete in today’s global market. Many of its graduates become entrepreneurs and others are in hot demand by the private and public sectors. Within CoB short history, it became the college of first choice for business education within the Gulf Cooperation Council region.
As part of AU, CoB is committed to providing high quality business education at a world-class research university. CoB also continues to strengthen and broaden its partnerships with the private and public organizations and seek the accreditation of the international accreditation agencies. I welcome you to join us and grow with CoB personally and professionally.

Bajis Dodin, Ph.D
Interim Dean, College of Business

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