At the College of Business students hone the skills necessary to confront the challenges of modern, international business. Business students begin their training with in-depth preparation in quantitative skills through coursework in all business related subjects. As top-managers are even more likely to derail through a lack of soft skills rather than quantitative skills, you will receive cutting edge training in Management, Leadership, and the competitive skills of Marketing and Strategy. In an effort to prepare our students to move beyond mid-level management positions into the executive suite, students will engage in course work that help them understand the broader social and natural environment in which business operates. Through such a well rounded education, Alfaisal business students become not only leaders of profitable family enterprises and public corporations but, also, capable societal leaders contributing to the growth and development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the region.


MBA Ashridge Powerful Leadership Program in the UK

If it was easy to learn to manage one's own mindset, motivation, and goal-directed behaviour, executive coaching would not have been used extensively by leading organisations across the world to provide their leaders with a winning edge..

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US Ambassador Presentation at Alfaisal University

Dr. Joseph Westphal – US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, gave a lecture titled "America's higher education system and its role as the driver of global innovation and technology development" to the students of College of Business. The presentation took place on the 23nd of February 2015.

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