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The Office of Executive Education & Development at the College of Business, Alfaisal University, is pleased to announce for the upcoming Business Intelligence: Data Analysis and Reporting Techniques course.

Business Intelligence

Data Analysis and Reporting Techniques course offers a gateway to advancing your career in data analysis, reporting, and decision-making roles. This course caters to the increasing demand for skilled professional’s adept at harnessing data for organizational growth.

What is Business Intelligence (BI)?

BI refers to the suite of technologies, tools, and practices enabling organizations to transform raw data into actionable insights. Participants will delve into BI methodologies, tools, and best practices, equipping them with the expertise needed to drive informed decisions.

Why Attend

Nowadays it is no surprise for corporate staff to be overwhelmed by the abundance of unstructured data. ERPs and databases have evolved to a point where they can house amazingly large amounts of data. The question now is what do you do with this data to add value? This course will introduce Business Intelligence (BI), hands-on, to allow you to clean, normalize, and interpret large volumes of data. You will be able to establish historical relationships, analyze the current situation and predict future strategies. The application of Bl is borderless, covering operational, tactical, and strategic business decisions. It spans all departments and cascades down to all users who perform data cleansing, reporting, analysis, modeling, integration, and automation.

In this course we use MS Excel exclusively as an ultimate and readily available Bl tool allowing you to develop an exclusive level of expertise and add immediate value to your job and company.

Course Methodology

20% of the course is design and structure focused while 80% uses MS Excel as a Bl tool. Groups and individuals will be required to complete exercises, case studies, and projects on a daily basis.

This is a hands-on training course using laptops, participants are requested to bring along their laptops with Excel 2013/2016 fully functional.

Who Should Attend

Business professionals, business analysts, data analysts, research analysts, finance professionals, marketing and sales professionals, HR professionals, IT professionals, administrative staff, supervisors, general business professionals and staff from any function who need to learn and apply state-of-the-a rt data analysis techniques to their daily business reporting and decision making.

Course Outline
  • Data analysis tools and techniques
  • Mastering data reporting: the 20 must learn pivot-tables tools.
  • Data modeling and integration
  • Charting and visualization Techniques.
  • Tips and tricks

Course Information

Starting Date

Monday, June 3rd, 2024

Training Format

In-person (Instructor-led)

Program Duration

Three (3) Days, from June 03rd, 2024 - June 5th, 2024


Alfaisal University Campus, Riyadh, (Takassusi Street)


SAR 7,000 -including Course Materials


From 9:00 AM-15:00 PM (with breaks)

Program Language


Deadline May 9th 2024

BI Professional Trainer


Camille, a seasoned trainer, possesses a rich blend of academic and professional backgrounds, enabling him to stay updated with the dynamic business landscape. His passion for training and motivating others is evident throughout his career, where he consistently shares real-world experiences to benefit his audience. With a Ph.D. from Sorbonne & Aix-en Provence University. And a master’s from Rennes School of Management, Camille holds a solid academic foundation. Additionally, he is certified in various areas, including CIA, CFE, CSOE, and LCPA. In his professional journey, Camille has excelled as a lecturer, focusing on areas such as corporate governance, strategy, and financial reporting. He has also served as Head of Internal Audit for UK companies, establishing successful audit departments, and as Finance and Supply Chain Director for a Canadian healthcare group, implementing cost-effective processes. With experience in over 20 countries, Camille's international exposure enhances his expertise in areas such as corporate governance, data analytics, risk management, and financial planning. His diverse skill set makes him a versatile professional capable of delivering impactful training and consultancy services.

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