Training workshop: Introduction to SPSS (Registration is Open)


IBM SPSS Statistics is considered as one of the most widely used computer package for statistical analysis to organize, interpret, and present the results. It is used by different disciplines in Healthcare, Social sciences, Market research, Education research, Data mining, and others. SPSS comes with many features and options mostly organized in pull-down menus and graphical user interfaces. For advance and complex calculations, SPSS provide programming options through built-in syntax editor. This workshop aims to introduce the fundamentals of SPSS and related features, in particular how to code raw data of a new dataset, perform quantitative analysis, interpret, and reporting the results. The format of the workshop is instructor-led with hands-on practice on a set of pre-prepared exercises.

Key Contents of the workshop

  • SPSS structure, interface, and windows.
  • Define the dataset variables and their attributes.
  • Codebook and data gathering tools.
  • Import data to SPSS to create datasets.
  • Clean and filter datasets and manage missing data;.
  • Preform data manipulation and transformation.
  • Descriptive statistics and frequencies.
  • Data distributions and central tendencies: mean, mode, and median.
  • Dispersion: range, variance, standard deviation, skewness, kurtosis, percentiles, and interquartile.
  • Generating and analyzing basic graphical presentations;.
  • Constructs and scales.
  • Reliability assessment; and
  • SPSS syntax.

Who should attend?

  • Education professionals and research students in various disciplines.
  • Full-time workers engaged in data analysis.
  • All workers interested to learn basic statistical skills in analyzing raw data and reporting the results for decision making; and
  • Workers interested to improve and expand their statistical analysis skills.

What the workshop includes?

  • Hands-on practices using the latest version of the SPSS package.
  • Student manual (hard copy) with step-by-step processes to practice on all discussed exercises.
  • Workshop certificate.
  • Coffee/Tea throughout the workshop.

Duration, Venue & Fees

  • 16-17 April, 2018 (Monday & Tuesday) from 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM.
  • Computer Lab at Alfaisal University.
  • SAR 1,500 per participant.

What you need to know as pre-requisites?

Participants are expected to be familiar with basic statistical concepts, Microsoft Excel, and have low-medium proficiency level in English.


Dr. Mohammed Kafaji, College of Business, Alfaisal University.
Phone: 0112157711

A brief bio below:
Dr Kafaji has 25 years of work experience in the United Kingdom and the Middle-East. His areas of expertise are in business and engineering with over 50 papers published in various A-journals and symposiums. He has strong teaching, mathematical, and analytical capabilities that are extensively used in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses and in conducting advanced researches. Most of these skills and expertise are utilized in this course.

For Enquiries and Registration, Please Contact

Telephone: + 966 11 215 7709

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