Our services

We provide the support to all members who are engaged in Corporate Governance or has the potential to be part of it.

Our main services are:
Corporate Governance Index (CGI): It is our main product, it ranks the publicly traded companies in the Saudi market according to their compliance to the related governance rules in the country and best governance practice around the world. The index is to be announced on annual bases during the Annual Conference of Corporate Governance where the top companies are to be announced and awarded. The index is to be published and available on College of Business – Corporate Governance Center website. Please check out this link.

Individual Assessment Report: We are happy to provide your company with an individual Corporate Governance report. The report will include the following:
  • Full assessment of the company’s corporate governance practices within four categories (board of directors, shareholders’ rights, public disclosure and transparency, and stakeholders’ rights) using more than 100 variables/principles. The cumulative CG score along with CG score of the four categories will be provided.
  • The report will provide detailed graphical analysis of the company’s corporate governance performance.
  • It will include comparative analysis to reveal how the company performed compared to other companies operating in same sector and in the overall market as well.
  • It will highlight both strengths and weaknesses of the company related to board of directors, shareholders’ rights, public disclosure and transparency, and stakeholders’ rights.
  • The report will include key recommendations on how to improve corporate governance.
  • An onsite presentation of the report by CG center representative/s.
  • Corporate Governance Center Certification

The report is to be requested through our online form with a nominal fee specified in the contract. To order an individual CG report for your company, PLEASE FILL OUT THE REQUEST FORM

Training programs: We provide training programs to raise the awareness of good corporate governance and develop board members and governance personnel. For further information about our workshops and courses, please check this Link

Education: We provide our students at the College of Business with courses in Corporate Governance as a part of developing CG culture. As well, students engaged and trained into the issues and processes of Corporate Governance. Opportunities will be provided for the students to enrol in CG course/s; conduct research in CG; and internship in CG.

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